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ALS Model: Noel

ALS Scan Exclusive!! Noel JUST turned 18 and you will only be able to see her here on ALS Scan. This cutie is simply amazing - her body is rock hard and her tits are just budding. Her nipples were so puffy that we thought they were going to pop! Lets see, where do we start.... Noel is a local girl who has big dreams of becoming a rock star. She plays guitar and is actually pretty good at it - Noel sat down and started playing us some Sublime. Her goal is to be seen by someone in the music business and be given the opportunity to tryout for a band. Can you imagine going on the road with this hottie?? Noel loves sex and is from what we call the new generation of girls. That is, we have noticed this trend where girls now treat sex as no big deal. She will have sex or give a blowjob just because she is bored or whatever. This is completely true!! If you just happen to be around then it could easily be your lucky day - just like that. So needless to say, Noel was TOTALLY comfortable showing off her body and playing with all of our toys. In fact, she was able to handle our larger toys. We are kicking off her first set where she takes the ALS Rocket with ease. Her entire shoot will blow you away for sure!! Noel has been waiting until she turned 18 to start showing off her body to the world - she has been dreaming of this day since she was 14 years old. At 5'5" tall and weighing 105 lbs., her body just screams to get fucked. Lets talk about her tattoo for a minute. You know as a general rule we don't select models with big tattoos.. However, this model was just so damn hot that we couldn't turn her down. Apparently, one day several years ago, her friend needed some cash so Noel said, "Hey, for $20 bucks just give me a tattoo - how about right here?" That is how it happened - on a lark. Noel has the most carefree, agreeable attitude that I think we have ever seen. She plays guitar almost all the time (when she is not having sex), and her favorite group is Sublime. When we asked her what her dislikes are, she said, "Well, I pretty much like everything." Her fantasy is to be in a big rock band and tour the world. Noel first had sex at the age of 13 and started shaving as soon as she started getting hair. That is another trend that we are noticing - girls are shaving almost immediately now. Noel has no preference - she likes guys and girls equally. Noel basically did everything - ALS Rocket, speculum, fisting, large inverted bottles, lip pulling, peeing, etc. She did our best full fisting masturbation scene ever! Noel was so horny that she had to masturbate, so Katie offered to fist her. Noel said, "Sounds great. I have never been fisted before, lets rock!" She was so hot and juicy that she ended up taking Katie's full fist repeatedly, all the way in and out....Amazing video that we will be adding to the member's section soon, for a limited time only. Noel's measurements are 34A-24-34. As always, we are only going to release her best and hottest stuff in the ALS Scan Members Section.
Update: We caught up with Noel again for a new shoot and she had a different look with her hair. She still has those great puffy tits!

Noel Photosets
Noel Standard-Def Videos
Video #1
Noel015 025a e
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 435 M, WMV = 351 M Length: 21:56

Noel is sitting on a couch. She starts to rub her clit and finger her pussy to get it nice and wet. Noel then gets a pink dildo to fuck her pussy with. She then switches to...

Video #3
Noel039 042
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 127 M, WMV = 95 M Length: 06:32

Noel is sitting on a bed. She starts to rub her pussy as she works in a few fingers. Noel then fists her pussy from behind until she cums.

Video #2
Noel001 008
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 386 M, WMV = 315 M Length: 14:38

Noel is sitting on a chair as she tells Katie the ALS assistant that she would like to get fisted. Watch Noel get fist fucked by our assistant until she cums, and then gape her pussy for the camera.

Video #4
Noel030 038
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 355 M, WMV = 275 M Length: 16:53

Sexy Noel just loves to get herself off! Watch Noel begin to rub on her pussy and finger herself, getting her pink snatch nice and wet, screaming to get fucked! Noel then f...

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